Jen Badham's Home Page

Work stuff

Hi, I am an applied mathematician with an interest in the way social structures affect transmission of diseases and ideas. My research interests include:

  • Relationships between the properties of social networks;
  • Algorithms that generate networks with specific properties;
  • Simulation of epidemics, information and beliefs over social networks.

I also run Critical Connections, a consultancy company that builds models to assist decision making in complex systems such as health policy.

Other stuff

I have lots of hobbies. The most time consuming (and expensive!) is collecting comics and related items. My major collection is nonsport trading cards (comics and science fiction) and I have an extensive trade list and information site here.

I also do a lot of reading: mostly crime fiction and popular science, but also (big) history, philosophy and other social sciences. I also read (femslash) fan fiction and can recommend Passion and Perfection for a variety of genres, and the authors Gina Dartt and Missy Good.